Covid-19的业务未来:来自Informa Connect的调查


In 2020 an unprecedented disruption to “business as usual” hit the Globe with a pandemic of a disease called COVID-19. From accelerated digitization of the workplace with millions suddenly working from home, to manufacturers pivoting and actually changing their products to help the world cope with new and sudden needs, never before seen or experienced phenomena are happening in businesses around the Globe, with analogies that have been made to both theGreat Recession of 2008World War IIFuture of Business Post COVID-19

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We at Informa Connect have a mission to provide access to extraordinary people and exceptional insight. Our parent company, Informa plc, is a global business with a network of trusted brands in specialist markets across more than 30 countries, and a member of the FTSE 100. We are well known for our conferences, however we are also at our core a digital content creator. From videos to white papers, our content taps into a network of millions of professional and commercial customers.


4月30日sav美国消费者的调查给出了思想吹的人物:“只有24%的受访者计划在我们从锁定中出现之前与之前的生活相同”,因此业务创新现在至关重要。McKinseyrecently stated that “It’s possible that entirely new businesses and business models will emerge from the crisis” and that has indeed been proven in our survey. Organizations have been poised to digitally transform their workforces for some time; right now is a turning point, with “trials by fire” bringing in both interesting and unforeseen data.


The list of new products and services that survey respondees shared with us were astounding in their diversity: from one company who developed a new Maté drink "to give energy to people in stressful situations" during the crisis, to a maritime organization that developed remote auditing of vessels, to another organization that purchased their own factory to meet the demands of their clients.

In the life sciences, one organization, a telehealth provider, introduced mental health and wellness services, a second explained that they were in the process of "certifying the first 3D printing mask in the world", a third "designed and developed Study Protocols for the COVID-19 response in Africa" and a fourth was developing peptides related to a COVID-19 treatment.

Financial services innovated on such initiatives as: "a business loan for borrowers whose income is not based on salary checkoff", a "Customer Portal Bank on wheels" and new "low cost lending products for businesses impacted by coronavirus" with a "dedicated phone line for vulnerable customers".


还有许多新的消费产品出现了危机。个人描述了他们开发的软件平台 - 从一个允许员工访问并与同龄人一起参与,同时在家里进行虚拟锻炼,瑜伽和健康的饮食会,另一个平台“帮助用户安全地宣布他们适合飞行,适合购物“;一家公司甚至开发出“现场在线剧院表演”。有一种反应,简单,有力,总结了这种情况:“我们走了数字化”。


  • 87% of respondents feel that the crisis has impacted the need for digital transformation in business.
  • 34% developed a new product, service or business initiative in response to the crisis; 40% introduced initiatives to better connect with customers;26% accelerated development of an already planned product.
  • 47% of respondents put in place a dedicated crisis response team to respond to COVID-19.
  • 85% believe their organizations can cope with at least some of their staff continuing to work from home. 43% believe their companies can cope with large numbers of staff doing so.

"Increasingly people from different disciplines across an organization or being gathered together to solve problems, rather than represent a singular division of the business."

Shawn Dickerson,SVP营销,Keyedin,五种方式由于冠状病毒,工作的未来正在发生变化

Our 2020 Informa Connect survey “The Future of Business Post COVID-19” comprises the responses and insights of 1495 participants drawn from a wide range of Informa Connect customers, event speakers and thought leaders. In the spirit of Dickerson’s observation, we’ve done a first-of-its-kind multi-sector, multi-disciplinary study. Drawn from global companies, participants represent the sectors of: finance, life sciences (pharma and biotech), marketing and innovation, human resources, maritime and energy. The survey consisted of 16 questions designed to discover how COVID-19 has affected the workplace, from human resources to innovation and product development. The conclusions drawn in thisreportare based on the collected answers and insights of our respondents.

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"We are likely in the midst of a generation-defining event that will influence how consumers behave for years to come."

麦肯锡,营销领导者如何管理冠状病毒危机和未来的计划, April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed been a "generation-defining event" that will influence how all of us behave, from consumers to producers, for years to come. Even as we return to “business-as-usual”, with the reopening of places that have been shut for three months or more, we will not be returning to the places as we remember them, they will be radically changed. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella aptlydescribes现场:“随着Covid-19影响我们工作和生活的各个方面,我们在两个月内看到了两年的数字转型的价值”。

从家里工作并不奇怪,冠状病毒“新正常”周围的最热门话题。但我们需要记住家中的工作不是一种尺寸适合所有人。墨莱德迈克尔·迈尔德迈克尔斯乔治华盛顿大学公共卫生学院remindsus not to forget the50%的英国工人, and72% of Americans没有能够在随时从家中工作的工作。他解释说:“这对这大流行有什么重要的是,它对这一点的工人来说是挑剔的,而是在这是看不见的。”

70% of those surveyed said they expect things to go back to normal with some change in the way things are done."
Covid-19业务的未来: A Report from Informa Connect, July 2020

在家工作是一个选项,多个organizations have conducted studies finding several positive outcomes from virtual work: radicalreduction of carbon emissions,节省成本 - 从公司费用到员工通勤时间和成本,more productivity from employees,改善工作/生活平衡,amore equitable workplace for women和people with残疾或慢性疾病,更好的心理健康和一个更多样化的劳动力

全球国际劳工组织估计that: "18 per cent of workers have occupations that are suitable for WFH and live in countries with the infrastructure to enable WFH."vox.例如,只有4%的美国劳动力,例如,通常至少在家中工作至少兼职(它只是slightly higher for the UK), but due to coronavirus 34% of folks were working from home in early April. Whether this sticks, only time can tell, although Ben Pring, Co-Founder and Leader of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work was confident enough to make thisprediction6月初:“大概15%的人员将比Pre-Covid-19”永久工作。企业家和顾问Hiten Shah.reminds us that a transition to everyone who can moving towards permanent work from home would certainly be a radical shift from the status quo: “Right now, remote work isn’t working for most companies…That’s because we spent the last 120 years learning how people can be productive in an office.”

Gartner.survey说,“74%的官方版和金融领导人将至少将先前现场劳动力迁移到永久性偏远的地位19”。全国是第一个宣布过渡到主要在家工作的美国公司之一。汽车制造商Fordhas extended work from home for most salaried employees "until at least the beginning of September".亚马逊Microsofthave announced that their corporate employees do not have to return to offices until October;Zillow.,FacebookGooglehave announced work from home until the end of 2020, andShopify's办公室将关闭直至2021年。

Mark Zuckerberg told边缘“我认为我们可以达到一半的公司永久地工作”(在5 - 10年)和VMware.预计60%的员工“随着时间的推移”。推特,SquareGroupe psa.have made remote work permanent for those that are able to do their jobs from home. As of this writing,Mondeley,巴克莱和摩根士丹利都在寻找重新思考他们在家庭政策工作。甚至州政府,如硅谷圣何塞,加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉县board of supervisors, is getting involved with promoting virtual work, asking businesses to consider remote work as over 100,000 employees in their region commute for 3 or more hours per day, and they’ve seen as much as a 75% reduction in pollutant levels during the epidemic.

During this pandemic, Human Resources have become more crucial to businesses than ever before, as HR departments have been called upon to retain a sense of normalcy and connection.米歇尔戴维斯, Vice-President of People at Phrasee explains: “Everyone’s been in panic mode, whether it’s fears over losing their job or that they weren’t able to buy toilet paper. But it’s not just about communicating with people formally about business matters. In the office, people have lots of informal connection points, so we’ve tried to recreate that virtually as you have to try and keep things as normal as you can.” In many cases work has become a lifeline to people who are isolated from their friends and families. Fun virtual activities such as pub quizzes, online fitness classes and after-work gatherings provide team-building and help alleviate the multiple stresses that the current pandemic has brought to people’s lives.

At Informa Connect, like over 92% of our customers surveyed, we've been working remotely due to COVID-19; and we've been producing most of our in-person events digitally. This has been an incredibly busy and exciting time; it's been a journey of learning what our audiences value most from our events and digital content. It's been important to us to keep the quality of our digital events as high as our award-winning live events; we've been focussed on making them not only seamless, but best-in-class, from top-notch content to providing as-good-as-in-person networking experiences. Once we are able to do in-person events again, we'll be bringing the valuable lessons we've learned to all our events and content - both in-person and digital. From Informa Connect's EBD Group transforming what would have been a Paris conference to a digital solution for their生物欧洲®春天event, to our cutting edgeFinovate夏季和秋季的事件日期为2020年,我们已经了解到,与会者与同龄人直接与扬声器和网络一起参与。我们已经开发了应用程序,现场民意调查和其他关键方式,数字会议成员可以与扬声器和其他与会者一起参与生活和点心。

一家专门抵押趋势的公司是沃尔玛。他们新的350英亩家庭办公室,预计将于2025年阶段开放,仍在轨道上;幸运explains that their CEO Doug McMillon "firmly believes the value of in-person collaboration with colleagues will endure and says it won’t change the future home office’s design much".

COVID-19 and Corporate Innovation

Coronavirus and The Financial Sector: Acceleration of Digitization

“随着过去几周目睹的,社会疏散迫使许多人远程工作,加快了数字工具的采用。我预计越来越多的组织将趋势继续发布,较少的租金债务的福利空间。不幸的是,我们还将在呼叫中心等一些领域看到资源需求的转变,公司正在增加适应AI和自动化能力来增加能力。“Theodora Lau,创始人,Unconventional Ventures

"COVID-19 has made most of us hyper-aware of every touchable surface that could transmit the disease, so in a post-COVID-19 world, it’s expected that we’ll have fewer touch screens and more voice interfaces and machine vision interfaces" Bernard Marr,未来看起来像后冠心病 - 9未来的预测。Fintech思想领袖Theo Lau(右边的报价)和伯纳尔·博尔的见解都表现出了Covid-19的显着副作用,是数字的加速度。在移动支付中通常被称为“语音第一”和机器视觉界面慢慢被早期采用者推出,但在恐惧疾病传播的新现实中,消费者将需要的东西。PWC’s Covid-19 CFO Pulse surveyconfirms this: “FS firms, including asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets and insurance, have been going through a rapid digital transformation... Once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, firms may not be able to compete if they haven’t built systems, products, and processes that meet client demands in the ‘new normal’.”

In金融品牌,Jim Memous告诉我们:“随着冠状病毒大流行延伸的关断,更多的消费者正在调整到大量不同的日常行为。从家中的工作增加,订购了乘坐的往返朋友或进入锻炼工厂的外卖食品,一切都发生了变化......根据J.D. Power,只有46%的消费者将回到“像往常一样的银行”。“

Based on oursurvey结果,金融部门一直是客户需求最敏感的,其中31%的调查开发了新产品或服务,30%加快了已经计划的产品的发展,45%在大流行期间引入新举措以更好地联系与客户有关。几个受访者提到了普罗基诺倡议等特定慈善项目 - 在一个案例中,所有员工和其家人都提供了供应口罩和手部清理程序的供应 - 以及慈善事件是他们对Covid-19回应的一部分。一个组织使用时间来努力解决他们的多样性和包容计划,另一些人表示他们专注于更多的客户互动和沟通,包括网络研讨会和教育,以解决大流行的影响。

Beyond disruption in products, the workplace is another place that has seen radical change.CNBC.报告金融交易员如何受到影响:“虽然许多全球公司讲述了所有员工在家中工作,但对于一些银行角色,这是不可能的。例如,交易员通常处理敏感数据,需要满足某些合规标准的工作站和技术,不能在家中使用。“高盛,花旗,摩根大战和美国银行在某些情况下移动员工,在某些情况下备份办事处,并在工作和家庭之间发达了拆分时间以及”其他保护卫生措施“。

In our survey of finance professionals, 80% of respondents said that either everyone (49%) or the majority of staff (31%) were working from home. For those who needed to remain in the office, just 2% reported than they did not have some form of safety measure in place, from hand sanitizing stations to changes in location.

金融业的一贯主题现在一直是2007 - 08年全球金融危机的冠状病毒大流行的比较。最近讲的韦尔斯法戈迈克·玛雅了CNBC.: “In the global financial crisis, banks were the problem… The silver lining from that is that banks are prepared for a situation like this, and they want to be part of the solution this time.” In thehealymanagement.com.文章“如何在经济衰退期间经营一家财务咨询公司”埃里克··贝尔科特访谈若干财务顾问,这些顾问分享了对金融危机的类似思考,这是行业现在正在处理的内容。

Pat McClain, Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Allworth Financial优惠这一建议:“(期间)我们所做的最后一次危机,我们已经招聘了冻结,我们经历了整个业务的费用。如果您考虑我们的业务,大多数顾问将在30%至40%的余量上工作,管理层的资产从顶部进行,因此边距被压缩。我们没有休假,但我们退回了营销预算和技术支出以及所有资本改进,我们现在正在做。你想在你健康的背面确保。你想要做的最后一件事是让人们休息,因为它会恢复,这是一家服务业务,建在优质的人。如果您确实触摸了人们,您不希望他们成为客户面临的,因为客户体验中需要保持一致;你的公司看起来不像它正在挣扎。这是我经历过的第四个 - 它比以前的速度更陡峭,但我们了解到恢复应该是什么样的。“

PWC CFO脉冲调查提到的证据表明,2008年“加强了我们抵御全身冲击的能力”;此外,普华永道发现,“由于这场危机,仅考虑推迟或取消计划投资的”金融服务“只有55%(金融服务),而所有部门的67%。”投资型文章加强了在这场危机期间作为一个部门和职业的金融的稳定性;“9个经济衰退的9个企业”是会计师,财务顾问和经济学家。吉姆·卡帕洛写道: "People who have substantial assets want to ensure that they're well taken care of, especially during a recession. Financial advisors often see an increase in work as people become concerned about the stability of their investments and seek guidance on how to protect their assets."

A McKinsey report published this June echoes Clarke's sentiments; its authors得出结论: "Nothing will pay more dividends to advisors in the long run than deeply servicing their existing clients."

In a recentFinovate佛罗里斯特研究的播客,Alyson Clarke这有说:“击中经济衰退是准备好颠簸......如果我们回顾最后的经济衰退,当经济改善时,他们并没有生存。哪些金融服务公司和银行需要做的事情,他们必须专注于客户周围的再造,而不是产品。再造变得更加敏捷,所以你有能力快速适应。“

A Microscope on Marketing: Brands to the Rescue

"Three important trends are emerging now that will define Marketing for years to come: truly valuable content in marketing that’s stuffed with empathy, inspiration, and utility; direct-to-consumer messaging, branding, communications; and virtual selling and online sales appointments." Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer,MarketingProfs.

“营销人员 - 许多人从家里远程工作 - 面临完全新的情况:我们应该如何与客户交谈?我们应该在哪里花费营销美元,我们应该在哪里?我们该如何与我们的团队和我们的同事一起使用?我们如何留在商业?所有这一切都是如何支持我们的家人,朋友,社区和地球。“麦肯锡,营销领导者如何管理冠状病毒危机和未来的计划,4月2020年4月。

"92% of marketing professionals surveyed believe that COVID-19 has impacted the need for digital transformation for businesses, and that it will have long term impact."Covid-19业务的未来: A Report from Informa Connect, July 2020

营销人员自从数字黎明以来,营销人员已经证明了他们的存在,现在压力甚至更高,预算紧张,所有的目光都在降低成本。虽然营销团队正在审查,但华尔街日报告诉我们,这一角色比以往任何时候都更关键。Caren Fleit of Korn Ferry解释了WSJ.:“我不认为任何需要营销的任何变化,但在某些情况下,这种营销都会发生变化。”这将如何改变包括在危机时与客户相关的,具有真实性和谨慎。萨瓦坦集团专门从事Coronavirus Trackers他们对2,000名消费者(4月30日发布)的调查证明,逃出了现场:“消费者表示,他们积极希望从品牌中听到积极的广告,十分之一(42%)消费者认为品牌应该关注冠状病毒后的生活在他们的广告中。“

Instagram Live Classes.,hackathons and virtual bingo nights to production of hand sanitizer & PPE and donations to frontline healthcare professionals, Yola Robert gives several examples inForbes如何“许多企业必须重新策划,暂时关闭或枢转,以便在这些时代保持漂浮”。这种重新战略和枢转在全球上发生,从美国到India。将在顶级出来的品牌是那些能够以敏捷方式改变所有计划并从常规模式转移到的能力crisis mode。Wade Paschall of Westerra Credit Union Aptly解释了这种情况缪斯的克莱奥: "I think brands are going to be remembered for what they do right now, good or bad".

互动广告局(IAB)data "shows that 73% of advertisers have modified or developed new assets since the start of the pandemic. Of these, over half (53%) are increasing messaging that emphasizes the mission of the company". I would say in general that brands are doing remarkably well, because according toEdelman, 55% of those surveyed “said that brands and companies are responding more quickly and effectively than government".

“调查的80%的营销人士表示,他们已经制定了新的产品,服务或业务倡议,或加速了已经响应Covid-19的计划产品的开发。”Covid-19业务的未来: A Report from Informa Connect, July 2020

ann handley,首席内容官员MarketingProfs.describes what she sees as trends that came out of the COVID-19 epidemic that will define marketing for years to come: “1. The importance of truly valuable content in marketing that’s stuffed with empathy, inspiration, and utility. Is your customer newsletter a must-read? No? Fix that. 2. The importance of direct-to-consumer messaging, branding, communications. Especially important for companies who have relied on retail brick-and-mortar distribution. 3. Virtual selling and online sales appointments. We might be feeling some element of Zoom fatigue. But face-to-face virtual meetings had a moment in a COVID-19 interrupted world."


"What COVID-19 has brought upon the world is a triple inflection of change. Amazing technological advances, regulatory and reimbursement approval, and the profound social imperative for use all come together to make health tech no longer an option, but an imperative. My sense is that 20 years from now we will look back at COVID-19 with a vague recollection of its social impact and perhaps even a silly mispronounce of the name. What will endure--become a lasting aspect of our humanity--will be the inculcation of technology into our daily lives. From medicine to education, the toothpaste of technological innovation is out of the tube, and there's no putting it back." John Nosta, President,NostaLab

“如果你是一个公共[Biotech]公司,具有承诺的方法[反对Covid-19],我认为不会有资金问题。如果您是公共或私营公司在此[Covid-19]中没有活跃,那么我认为这将在几个月内略有棘手。“Otello Stampacchia,创始人,Omega资金Xconomy特别报告,通过创新和投资含有冠状病毒

“In a matter of weeks, regulatory barriers to telemedicine in the U.S. have largely fallen. Doctors in the U.S. now perform remote visits across state lines, can email and video-chat patients in compliance with HIPAA, and Medicare and health insurance providers have to now reimburse telemedicine services.” Emma Rose Beinvenu,7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World, Medium.

从the sudden focus on healthcare workers and the biotech world, to the acceleration of the医学数字化和the difficulties ofsocial distancing in labs; the life sciences industry has been has been thrown into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic.Xconomy’s丹·斯坦顿告诉我们“行业是the challenge. Supported by nervous investors hit hard by volatile markets, products are whizzing through the clinic at unprecedented speed. Tech-sharing partnerships are beginning to blossom. Meanwhile, money is being thrown at clinical trials and manufacturing facilities with faith that diagnostic products, therapies, and vaccines will spin a stronger and healthier world out of the current crisis.”

CapGemini研究宣布,解决方案在这场危机期间将生命科学研发进行Excel,但它们撒谎超越“旧界限加速”。诺华公司等公司,最近受访Pharma Intelligence,正在成功推动这些界限,因为他们的首席数字官员Bertrand Bodson解释说:“我们计划需要几年的许多事情发生在两个月内发生了。每个人都在包括监管机构,包括监管机构这是我们能够强烈改变齿轮。“

Our life sciences survey results illustrate this pushing of "old boundaries"; 36% of respondents have developed a new product, service or business initiative while 22% have sped up development of an already planned product. The products and services people described were exciting: one shared that their organization was in the process of certifying the first 3D printed face mask in the world, a few were working on remote patient monitoring and remote clinical trial recruitment, and several were working on developing a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19.

在生命科学部门调查的36%开发了新的产品,服务或业务倡议,而22%的人已经加快了已经计划的产品开发。“Covid-19业务的未来: A Report from Informa Connect, July 2020

Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights tells us that "the number of (life sciences) job postings in mid-May increased from the number in early February" and萨米奥的与行业领导者的讨论发现,“大多数员工与以往一样繁忙。”在五月McKinsey研究生命科学研发领导者,这张照片较不太乐观,报告的生产力下降“由于遥远的工作”和“平均40%至50%(花费)危机管理”。


Digital transformation in healthcare has been accelerated by COVID-19 and 84% of our survey respondents agree that the disease has had an impact; 62% feel that the impact will be long term, 22% short term. In thepharma行业肯定被证明;例如,诸如“情绪/语音分析,行为分析,(和)战略智能”的工具,从“创新阴影”中出现,以挑战“现状”。与人们无法或害怕离开家,数字健康通过远程医疗已填补了差距 - 并强迫监管机构加快审批程序。一个新的deloitte.研究证实:“增加数字化可能会改变如何提供疗法,临床医生如何实践,如何卫生计划支付关心......以及投资者将投注的地方。

Ryan BrowneCNBC.informs us that: “The outbreak has led to increased uptake of telemedicine services from the likes of Teladoc, Babylon Health and Kry” and “Research firm Forrester estimatesU.S. virtual care visitswill top 1 billion this year due to the pandemic and other factors.” The spotlight has been on healthcare workers in hospitals, but Browne reminds us not to forget about those in labs, labs which are both ramping up testing for coronavirus and developing vaccines. Their workplaces too have had to ramp up social distancing efforts, by adjusting staffing and rearranging schedules topractice social distancing。信息联系生命科学正在关注冠心病日记系列治疗的前线的人,他们如何快速枢转他们正在做的各种研究并应用新的清洁制度。你可以读他们的故事这里

在金钱的3月文章“5 Stocks That Are Actually Up Since the Coronavirus Market Implosion” - not surprisingly two of the stocks were biotech companies - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Gilead Sciences Inc. both working on drugs related to the COVID-19 outbreak.Moderna Therapeuticsis another company that's doing well with a recent $483 million funding from the government for a “RNA-based SARS-CoV2 vaccine” they’re working on. Johnson & Johnson is making progress with development of its vaccine; and CEO Alex Gorsky has pledged to make it available on anot-for--profit basis。其他organizations working on Coronavirus cures- from repurposing drugs to Covid-19 treatments include: AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Roche, Novartis, Ergomed PLC, Synairgen PLC, CytoDyn Inc, GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Tiziana Life Sciences, CureVac, The Vaccine Group, Amgen and Adaptive Biotechnologies, AltImmune, BioNTech and Pfizer, Heat Biologics, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Vaxart, Vir Biotechnology, and several Universities as well. As of early May there wereover 800 clinical trials研究Covid-19治疗和124 coronavirus vaccines in development

The Financial Impact of COVID-19

Maritime and Energy: Will Turmoil Lead to Transition?


两个部门早在冠状病毒became a global pandemic were shipping and energy. This is primarily because China - where COVID-19 began - is the largest shipowning country in the world. The maritime sector, which moves 90% of the world’s goods, came to a standstill and this greatly affected the usage of oil as well. The International Labour Organization告诉我们: "With 384 sailings cancelled, the first half of 2020 could see a 25 per cent reduction in shipping, with a 10 per cent annual fall in 2020." And theWorld Economic Forum说:“海运航运在某些地区的活动中的Covid-19相关跌落高达30%。”

Covid-19大流行的另一个主要影响是油价下降。虽然,as.Infiniti Research国家:“由于对该部门的经济依赖增加,目前的石油价格战争可能是短暂的。”尽管如此,它不仅派出了电力,而且通过全球各个部门,作为巴克莱的全球研究负责人在他们的杰夫梅利新闻稿:“Covid-19将加速这一趋势[迈出ESG]甚至进一步 - 为从消费者行为到气候变化,供应链实践以及工作和流动的未来的所有迫切感和责任感,并可能改变自然结果是投资过程。“deloitte.提供“一些较大,更健康(石油,天然气和化学)公司可能会改变或加速其计划以使其他能源部分多样化。”

"One of the interesting things about shipping is that there will always be heavy machinery (ships) moving heavy stuff (cargo) around. This means that, unlike so many other industries, digitalisation will only go so far. On some level, there will always be a need for people to be physically involved in those processes. The maritime industry's future operators will need to be experts in combined mechanical and digital systems. Even with the rise of autonomous shipping and remote operations, there is also no doubt that a career at the sharp end of the maritime industry will still mean putting on a boiler suit and getting your hands dirty occasionally." Nick Chubb, Founder & Director,Thetius

As with other industries, COVID-19 has had the effect of speeding up some phenomena already in place, such as decarbonization and digitalisation. We cannot forget the human element, however, as Nick Chubb so aptly reminds us "there will always be a need for people". Digital transformation in shipping and maritime has been both tested and sped up during this crisis, emerging as a "silver lining". And that is not the only银衬里从这场危机中,有人说,我们也可能看到加快转型到可再生能源。事实上,An.IRENA study发现“可再生能源可以通过刺激现在和2050年间的全球GDP收益来从Covid-19发出经济复苏。电力技术weighs in with more positive news for renewables fans: "Since the start of the year, returns from renewable energy investment have stayed well above those from fossil fuel projects, and slightly above US industrial averages. In many areas, investment in oil and gas has fallen below the rate needed to replenish existing reserves. Since the same is not true of renewables, they will gain a larger share of the generation as a result of the pandemic."

Energy company BP which employs 70,000 people worldwide announced in June that they would becutting 10,000 of those roles, all office based; with a significant portion of roles cut being senior level.elstrek.写道: "This (cut) is a result of the coronavirus impact on the economy, and also CEO Bernard Looney’s plan to shift the fossil-fuel company to green energy." Just two days after those layoffs were announced, theBBC reported就像午夜6月10日午夜“英国电网就不会烧掉任何煤炭60天......到目前为止,从工业革命开始超过200年前的”更多证据,Covid-19可以成为环境“大时刻".

"The main impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the energy industry was on 'demand' (particularly the oil demand). Demand shock in the short-term due to the global-lock downs and demand shortfall in the long-term due to potential changes in people’s lifestyles around the world."Dr. Sara Vakhshouri,总统,SVB Energy International

Many analysts, however, don't believe the future is bleak for the largest oil companies and see in fact that they may benefit from a COVID-19 induced "fire sale" environment. The Washington Post, in their articleBig Oil could end up even bigger by the end of the coronavirus pandemic,解释说:“石油巨头......在世界各地患上井,现金随意地天气”和“最大的石油工业球员在便宜的井中舀起更多的井 - 并留下更多的储量市场肿瘤。“

The Future of Remote Working

The "New Normal" Becomes "Next Normal"

"83% of Americans currently forced to work from home say they miss attending in-person meetings and conventions. As important, 78% say they plan to attend as many or more when the threat of COVID-19 passes and it is safe to do so."Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company and co-chair of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition (MMBC)

不令人惊讶的是,新的研究告诉我们,亲自的会议和公约是一些事情83%的美国人错过了Trina Camacho-London,凯悦酒店公司和MMBC的全球集团销售副总裁副总裁说:“研究proves what many of us have long suspected to be true. Our collective experience of physical distancing has us craving the day that we can all come together again and meet in person." Our disrupted lives will indeed never be the same, but irrevocably changed; however we will enter into this "Next Normal" invigorated, transformed, and ready to connect again.

作为一个社会,我们将从Covid-19大流行中出现,因为依靠数字和“云”的人比以往任何时候都更依赖,而且还有根本改变自己的人。那些拥有奢侈品从家里工作的人已经大规模减速了我们通常的忙碌的生活;我们中的许多人都有一些时间与家人重新联系,并重新审视了自己的个人目标。Spana Sisels最近被告知聚光灯资产集团首席投资官Insideetfs.about an unexpected benefit from the current crisis: "This has caused people to have to slow down...I almost feel like I'm connecting more to people that I took for granted before."

Covid-19暴露的最大的事情之一是我们的全球供应链系统中的缺陷 - 在世界上一些最富有国家的全球医疗工作者中最大地显示出“危险的虐待“处理危机。但是,几乎过夜我们看到了公司,团体和个人加紧处理挑战。这是骄傲的动手解决问题和创新的遗产,我们可以进入我们的“下一个正常”;随着Wolfgang Lehmacher解释(在下一页)中,那些投资于最佳人才和技术的公司将出现在顶部。

对于现场雇员的公司来说,超过一半的受访者调查了该措施被实施,如手动消毒站(84%),额外的清洁(68%),防护服(64%)或限制公共获取空间(54%)。Covid-19业务的未来: A Report from Informa Connect, July 2020

Various safeguards will be coming into offices in new and innovative ways as we slowly return. For those companies who have employees on site, more than half of all respondents surveyed stated that measures were implemented such as hand sanitizing stations (84%), additional cleaning (68%), protective clothing (64%), or restricted access to communal spaces (54%). We will be bringing our new, most likely掩盖, selves into our消毒,医学监测社交距离办公空间。Othman Loraki,颜色首席执行官解释了这种情况Protocol: "This is literally the first time in human history where we're going to try to reintroduce 350 million people back into the workforce amidst an infectious disease that we are trying to suppress". The World Health Organization has guidance on "Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19"这里

Our parent company Informa has collaborated with association partners and peers including venues, suppliers, contractors and health, government and local authorities to develop industry-wideInforma Allsecure.提高栏杆安全,卫生,生产和高质量有组织的活动经验的标准。

Informa Allsecure.

这意味着当参展商,发言者,赞助商和与会者来到我们的活动时,他们可以连接,学习,了解更多,并有效地,安全,安全地做更多的业务。所有信息事件将根据官方政府和地方当局指导,以及任何场地或具体特定的法规。此外,世界各地的所有信息事件,无论格式还是位置,都会遵循十个Informa Allsecure.优先承诺包括:增强清洁,个人卫生,非接触登记,避免与物理疏远的物理接触,包括在食品和饮料站,使用PPE。

Additionally all Informa events will have access to a qualified first aider and a separate quarantine area if possible. All Informa events will follow relevant health authority guidance on screening participants. This may include checking the temperatures of everyone on entry, through thermal scanning or other screening processes. Lastly, should it be necessary, all Informa events will work with local authorities to trace and contact participants at our events, subject to local privacy regulations.

“Covid-19已经开辟了人们的眼睛,以获得供应链和物流的数字的力量。那些打开他们的思想的人将实现飞跃。建立新解决方案的人才就在那里。去吧,得到它。”Wolfgang Lehmacher,供应链和技术战略家,前供应链和运输行业负责人,世界经济论坛

As we are revisiting our own personal goals we are also reinventing our business strategies. Whether you are management or entry level, there is no one in business who is not right now reevaluating what they do for their companies and their customers. Wolfgang Lehmacher advises large companies look to startups for inspiration in his article: "How startup power can eliminate pain points in the time of pandemic" explaining how startups are helping the business world through this pandemic with everything from assistance to working from home to cybersecurity and innovative supply chain solutions.

Annobio Morelix takes it a step further, calling the post-pandemic economy “The Great Reboot” reminding us in公司。“财富500强公司的一半在收缩期间开始,而且......超过50个独角兽始于巨大的经济衰退”。他recommendsthat businesses “take advantage of the opportunities in complements and substitutes” that this reboot has to offer. CNBC even优惠this inspiration to would-be entrepreneurs: "it might not be such a crazy idea to start a company right now" and the "coronavirus pandemic is in many ways serving as a 'catalyst to creation'”. ThisHBS Working Knowledge blog探索了公司正在应用创新的一些方式 - 从“只是走出”技术“,将计算机愿景和AI联合在一起,因为他们通过在线订婚通过在线参与的商店走出商店”到博物馆和画廊。

Informa Connect我们每天都在学习客户和创新。这可以在工作中看到,我们的团队正在做的是以新的和不同方式用观众数字化。在短短16天内,Informa Connect的EBD集团转换了对其数字解决方案的巴黎会议生物欧洲®春天event. This summer and fall our cutting edgeFinovateSuperReturn.events are all offered virtually. And they're not what you might think, asFinovatesite describes: "these won’t be like any other digital events you’ve seen before. Live and on-demand content will put your finger on the pulse of the industry. Live Q&A and polls will ensure you can engage directly with speakers. And 24/7 networking and an app packed with fintech enthusiasts will make it easy to start a conversation with the right person."


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