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We have developed this cookie policy (the “Cookie Policy”) in order to explain how we use cookies and similar technologies (together, “Cookies”) on this website (the “Website”) and to demonstrate our firm commitment to the privacy of your personal information.


请注意,我们使用我们收集的任何个人信息您受到我们的影响Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing user IDs that are automatically placed on your computer or other device by when you visit a website. The Cookies are stored by the internet browser. The browser sends the Cookies back to the website on each subsequent visit, allowing the website to recognise your computer or device. This recognition enables the website provider to observe your activity on the website, deliver a personalised, responsive service and improve the website.


First and Third Party Cookies




Cookies We Use and Their Purpose

我们使用三种类型的cookie - '严格必要的'cookie,'性能'cookie和'功能'cookie。本节中描述了每种类型的饼干和我们使用它们的目的。


“必要”饼干让你移动基于“增大化现实”技术ound the Website and use essential features. For example, if you log into the Website, we use a Cookie to keep you logged in and allow you to access restricted areas, without you having to repeatedly enter your login details. If you are registering for or purchasing a product or service, we will use Cookies to remember your information and selections, as you move through the registration or purchase process


派对类型 类别 领域 名称 到期 目的
第一方 严格必要 eucookielaw 6个月 Cookie验收弹出窗口
第一方 严格必要 ASP.NET_SessionId. 会议结束时 用于通过服务器维护匿名用户会话

Performance Cookies

'绩效'cookie收集有关如何使用我们的网站的信息,例如您访问的页面以及遇到任何错误。这些cookie不会收集任何可以识别您的信息 - 收集的所有信息都是匿名的。我们可能会使用这些cookie来帮助我们了解如何使用本网站并评估网站表现的程度以及我们如何为您改进它。我们还可以使用此类cookie来发现您的网站兴趣的哪些部分以及测量我们的广告的效果。

派对类型 类别 领域 名称 到期 目的
第一方 Performance _gid 1天 Used byGoogle Analyticsto store and update a unique value for each page visited
第一方 Performance _GA.t 10 minutes Used byGoogle Analytics扼杀请求率
第一方 Performance _GA. 2 years Used byGoogle Analytics通过将随机生成的数字作为客户端标识符分配随机生成的数字来区分唯一用户。它包含在信息上的每个页面请求中,用于计算分析报告的访问者,会话和广告系列数据
第一方 Performance nmstat. 3年 Used bySiteImprove, which monitors accessibility, content and usage statistics
第三方 Performance siteimproveses 会议结束时 Used bySiteImprove监视Informa.com上的会话计数
第三方 Performance JSESSOINID 会议结束时 Used by新遗物监视Informa.com上的会话计数
第三方 Performance nlbi_* 会议结束时 用于提供我们的价格投资监控现有会话
第三方 Performance Visid_incap_ * 会议结束时 用于提供我们的价格投资监控现有会话
第三方 Performance nlbi_* 会议结束时 Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资监控现有会话
第三方 Performance Visid_incap_ * 1 year Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资to identify previous visits
第三方 Performance JSessionid. 1 week 用于提供我们的监管新闻投资to give a unique identifier for the browser session
第三方 Performance vuid 2 years Used create a unique identifier for video analytics
第三方 Performance JSessionid. 会议结束时 Used byLuminiousto give a unique identifier when viewing an interactive annual report
第三方 Performance _gid 1天 Used byGoogle Analytics存储和更新在交互式年度报告上访问的每个页面的唯一值
第三方 Performance _GA. 2 years Used byGoogle Analytics通过将随机生成的数字作为客户端标识符分配随机生成的数字来区分唯一用户。It is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data on the interactive annual reports


‘Functionality’ Cookies enable a website to provide you with specific services or a customised experience. We may use these Cookies to provide you with services such as watching a video or adding user comments. We may also use such Cookies to remember changes you make to your settings or preferences (for example, changes to text size or your choice of language or region) or offer you time-saving or personalised features.


派对类型 类别 领域 名称 到期 目的
第三方 功能 INCAP_SES_ * 会议结束时 用于提供我们的价格投资保持现有会议
第三方 功能 Awsalb. 1 week Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资用于负载均衡
第三方 功能 INCAP_SES_ * 会议结束时 Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资保持现有会议
第三方 功能 Awsalb. 1 week 用于提供我们的监管新闻投资用于负载均衡
第三方 功能 ASP.NET_SessionId. 会议结束时 Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资to maintain a session
第三方 功能 awselb. 会议结束时 Used to provide our investor tools such as the historic share price by投资用于负载均衡
第三方 功能 播放器 1 year Used byVimeo.for the video player to work
第三方 功能 会议_* 1天 用于提供我们的互动年度报告Luminiousto maintain the current session

Managing Cookies

You always have a choice over whether or not to accept Cookies. When you first visit the Website and we notify you about our use of Cookies, you can choose not to consent to such use. If you continue to use the Website, you are consenting to our use of Cookies for the time being. However, you can choose not to continue accepting Cookies at any later time. In this section, we describe ways to manage Cookies, including how to disable them.

You can manage Cookies through the settings of your internet browser. You can choose to block or restrict Cookies from being placed on your computer or device. You can also review periodically review the Cookies that have been placed there and disable some or all of them.


Please be aware that if you choose not to accept certain Cookies, it may mean we are unable to provide you with some services or features of the Website.


我们可以使用Adobe Flash Player提供视频和其他内容,使用Adobe Flash Player使用“Flash Cookie”(也称为“本地共享对象”)来提供自动恢复等有用功能和保存您的首选项的功能。将闪存饼干放在您的计算机或设备上,与其他饼干相同。但是,不可能通过Internet浏览器设置以相同的方式管理它们。您可以了解如何管理Flash Cookie的信息 Please be aware that if you choose not to accept Flash Cookies, you will be unable to view certain content, such as videos.


In order to keep up with changing legislation and best practice, we may revise this Cookie Policy at any time without notice by posting a revised version on this Website. So please check back periodically so that you are aware of any changes.


如果您对此cookie策略有任何疑问或与我们的信息有关,请写信给智能公司,伦敦,伦敦,SW1P 1WG或电子邮件的小组数据保护官

This Cookie Policy was last updated on2019年2月12日.